Chama & Chevvies

We were over in Chama recently, enjoying indigenous buildings, an improvised ’50 Chev tow truck and – although not the trailer we were looking for – a homemade horse trailer of considerable charm;

P1020767 P1020776 P1020776a P1020777 P1020778 P1020780

This was soon followed by a trip to Pueblo and ABC Plumbing Supply, affording a chance to revisit, since it hadn’t moved since last year, the Nova que no va…and a definitely mobile ’54 Bel Air, which could have been cobbled together from one like the one spotted in NW Albuquerque earlier in the month…

P1020856 P1020857 P1020859 P1020859a

Aside from parking lot temps in the triple digits our visit also was marred by Jorge’s having no avocados!  No pork and avocado burritos!…so home to cooler climes…

P1020860 P1020865P1020855

Seeking with some desperation something to move two six-foot windows west we came upon, out along the road between Redwing and Malachite, not only another classic Chevy [with spare V-8 in case the six won’t run] but…


…the potential answer to our prayers!

More on that, and the road west [and last of Libre] anon…





3 thoughts on “Chama & Chevvies

  1. wk

    Colorado clouds (and cars/trucks/trailers) are great.
    I can’t believe you guys are already getting ready to head west….seems like you just got there!


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