A bright and shiny day

The day before the last day at Wall was as bright and shiny as one could wish for,

with certain Winds and

Birds at lunch.

Mid-afternoon Jon came by to audition the Holiday Rambler for possible JSFCO usage before continuing on his way “long” way from Dorris to Inverness, leaving me and the dog

to our Devices, which consisted mainly of a walk towards [but not to] the playa and, rather later,

dinner in the dark on the porch, during which there was a tiny tiny rain but not much else.

A final day, much the same

…at lunch,



Saturday morning, warming, was equally bright ‘n’ shiny so

away we went,

back through Gerlach,

to Empire,

past more Burner on-Rez-residue

and the Rez itself;


Wadsworth…after which NTR so over the hill and across the valley in time for lunch, four hours and forty-two minutes from the gate.  442.

November, they call it.

6 thoughts on “A bright and shiny day

  1. Janet

    This was a treasure trove of images! I am delighted with the way you captured the light of this time of year…..my favorite kind of light, so sharp and intense.

  2. Kirk Moore

    Great photos, tasty light (rainbow blobs across the valley), burros! and a nice diversion into Jon Fernandez’s website (very cool architectural work!). November is so photogenic… well done, Bro!

  3. Michael Sykes

    Great photos! What’s the Dorris-Inverness connection? When I finished work for my Master’s at SF State I realized the only job I could get was teaching, and the only posted job was in Dorris, so my wife and I drove up there. Decided I’d better go on for my Ph.D., acccepted by the Writer’s Workshop of U. of Iowa but opened a bookstore in Point Reyes instead. This was 1969. By the way, we’re in the last year of the bookstore in its current location in downtown Cedarville. I’ll have two buildings in my back yard and turn them and the living room of my house into a bookstore/gallery combo. This by the end of September next year. My house is just before Rabbit Traxx on the left, as you probably know. All art books have been packed and put in storage. I was amazed at how many I had, not just the ones in the bookstore. They’ll be joined by the photography books when the move occurs. The Little Red Gallery and the Floating Bookshop. Look for it.

    1. mikesmoore Post author

      The Dorris connection is that Jon is designing something in Klamath for Madeline G. Blake, who lives near there…


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