A bright and shiny day

The day before the last day at Wall was as bright and shiny as one could wish for,

with certain Winds and

Birds at lunch.

Mid-afternoon Jon came by to audition the Holiday Rambler for possible JSFCO usage before continuing on his way “long” way from Dorris to Inverness, leaving me and the dog

to our Devices, which consisted mainly of a walk towards [but not to] the playa and, rather later,

dinner in the dark on the porch, during which there was a tiny tiny rain but not much else.

A final day, much the same

…at lunch,



Saturday morning, warming, was equally bright ‘n’ shiny so

away we went,

back through Gerlach,

to Empire,

past more Burner on-Rez-residue

and the Rez itself;


Wadsworth…after which NTR so over the hill and across the valley in time for lunch, four hours and forty-two minutes from the gate.  442.

November, they call it.