“Looks delicious”

Too humorless to accept a compliment sincerely given?  No problem, with an Obscenity in the White House [just my opinion; yours may vary, particularly if you already Love a Parade even before it becomes treasonable not to] just torpedo that famous artist/creep in the wheelchair and carry on, righteously. It’s a Country of Morals, after all, not morels.

Not ever the less, we returned to California, I with high hopes that the Tundra would finally – finally! – get sorted out by the New Mechanic so while awaiting walked the foggy shore, got a haircut and saw those hopes dashed when the NM, stymied,

recommended an “electrical specialist” in far-off Vallejo.

Replacing the driver’s side sensor as Bill’d suggested would maybe have worked but the new guy’s computer told him it was everything but, so after another appointment over a week out

was made for my truck I took Linda’s to Fairfield for an hour and a half consult about the upcoming extractions, then stopped at Heather Glen for a rudimentary lunch with Aggie before our dry and uneventful crossing of the Sierra on a dry and uneventful February afternoon

[unless one factors in the utter lack of precipitation] and so to Wall Spring,

waters flowing, beautiful springlike weather except…ulp…it ain’t anywhere near springtime yet.


Which the trees know, though

without the snow it did make good timing for the Annual Burn

which happened Sunday, the ground so saturate it steamed.

Well, good that’s safely over for another…dunno how many more years I’ll be up for doing it.


7 thoughts on ““Looks delicious”

  1. Kathy Moore

    well, good that was just saturated ground steam and not smoke from some devious, insidious underground fire lurking and creeping to eventually burn down the house. Our tons, tons, tons of gorgeous snow has turned into a melted mess due to a multi-day and unseasonable deluge of water from the skies. Not nearly spring indeed. arghh.

    1. mikesmoore Post author

      I did have exactly that [insidious underground fire creeping] happen years again when burning cattails after a pond was re-excavated – a scary thing indeed. These annual events are much more “controlled”, and only at this time of year. Phew.

  2. Janet

    Such a dramatic contrast to those lush photos of a couple months ago. I loved the one of the tree wearing one of Linda’s sculptures as a skirt! That pole is the most photogenic item in Benicia!

  3. gregg renfrow

    I have “The Dream Colony” ready for return + BigWave Dave’s recent book of essays (containing a mea culpa or two).

    If you don’t surf now, you never did.

  4. Kirk Moore

    Burning! Yeah, I suppose it’s nice to have a nice little prelude to what’s gonna happen (already did happen a lot last summer and fall). With almost zero snow in the Sierra, the summer of ’18 could be extra crispy. Yikes!
    Meanwhile, I like the diptych of Linda’s sculpture above your 1984.


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