Are we not Happy? The Patriots have Won!

YES!  Real Patriots such as Cliven Bundy and his flag-draped well-armed folk have finally.prevailed against the Big Evil Oppressive Government and their nefarious BLM albeit

not until a Trumpian U.S. attorney was installed in Nevada, further evidence that Patriotism comes trickle-down from the Top [Donnie, Daddy ‘n’ Jared] at last for all those formerly disenfranchised [just ask ’em] white whining rabidly male People of the Flag.

Now none of THEM will have to pay grazing fees, worry about some goddamn tortoise or whether the grass will grow back while grazing their mineral rights in perpetuity [though it may surprise those morons of Moroni to find “perpetuity” won’t last very long as a result] as they seize Control of formerly “public” lands, much like they’ve been able to for years in Sagebrush Rebellion’s southwestern Idaho, a place I no longer venture due to locked gates, Simplot’s sneering big-hatted minions [aka “the People”] and a pervasive sense of unwelcome.

Yep, this land was made for you and me, alright.  Just be sure to call the Boss In Boise first…and, no, we can’t give you that number [or tell you who He might be] so in the meantime go away.

Enuf… I think it was a week ago Tuesday we made it into Walsenburg, on under blue skies to La Veta for a Most Memorable Lunch

and back across the plain plains for two days of partying, one highlight being the first,

albeit vague,

precipitation of the entire season…almost invisible, but curiously refreshing.

With our Albuquerque visitors we toured Libre’s historic architectures,

threw in a re-visitation of the Lo’ Pine

and ascended the Ridge.

Once safely down and they down the road unreasonably unseasonable

temperatures continued.

Could this be the Dawning of the Age of Apocalypse?

Apocalypse or not Sunday saw a spate of digital grandparenting, then

Monday the digits plummeted and another tiny trace of snow snuck through…tiny tiny wherein

nine degrees did not afford much comfort.

As was pointed out many years ago the future, unevenly distributed, is already upon us; the climatological future seems to be not only upon us but turning out much more democratically.

What with fire and mud, snow cyclones and droughts, that future be here now and even though the pallid cryptocurrency arrogants of uptown SF assure us that salvation lies with Them [Just Send Money] they may well fail to derail the inevitable as Montecito washes into the Pacific.

Hey folks, if you’re not into that bitsy kinda coinage I’ll trade for paintings; just send…Money!

Tuesday brought the only other precip of the season,


and Fossil-troved.

Dry as Salinas, and continuing.

So nex’, New Mex’…


See ya’s




10 thoughts on “Are we not Happy? The Patriots have Won!

  1. Sam Walker

    When you return to Ca, consider an alternate route(not facts) through Bishop. Love to host and show you around.

  2. Steve

    I haven’t been following the Bundy thingy except for the headlines, but did the courts rule that people no longer have to pay grazing fees or that they didn’t have to in this case for some technical reason?

    BTW, Tuesday’s precip just looks like the temp dropped below the dew point. Did it actually snow?

    1. mikesmoore Post author

      On “technicalities” the courts exonerated on all counts; I’d say that leaves the field wide open for any good ol’ guy to flaunt the BLM, wouldn’t yo? It’s a marginal business at best, and with all kinds of right wing money out there willing to defend “Patriotism” they got nothin’ to lose.

  3. Janet

    What if the Bundies had been Black, with guns…..
    I think you got the dusting they got in Austin…mostly just cold.
    We are pretty wet here near Salinas.

    1. mikesmoore Post author

      With or without guns black = dead…unarmed students, maybe not dead, but snipers on the roof, no big deal.


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