We were somewhere around Thanksgiving when…

the…no, wait; I’m mixing that up with one of those seventies things…some book or other that was serialized in Rolling Stone, maybe.

Only the neighbors, off to Church

…and we, on our [self-] appointed rounds.

By the weekend the quality of the air had weakened rather abominably;

we made it Monday into Oakland, picking up a “small” turkey enroute, for rich Northern Italian cuisine [the ‘living lettuce’ salad was one of the best things I ever et] at Belotti,

a visit with M. Katz and soon after I was in the fair far fields of Fairfield

for a periodontal consultation and spendy 3D imaging

which may or may not translate into [slight] financial advantage in coming months.

We walked the walks, subsequently surveyed the archives in search of some insurance in

advance of what promises to be a long year of expensive and uninsured dentistry.

Rediscovering that, decades on, there’s still a lot to be said for those three epic years [1992-4] of Radar Ranch watercolors, so put out an offering, which was happily well-received…

Walked the walks [or bicycled] as skies more appropriate to the Season rolled in and Thursday

afternoon’s became befouled but by Night, once the wind came up and the refineries

[the Season of course being…Turkey Time!]

finished their surreptitious outgassings, the stench dispersed in time for “Black Friday!

All month Long!”¬†about which we’ll be hearing plenty and more until well into the New Year.

Another day, with Geese.


The Geese of November, my friends.

The Geese of Black Fridays eternal.


2 thoughts on “We were somewhere around Thanksgiving when…

  1. Steve Stern

    I’m sorry to hear about the dental work, I just had a crown pop off, put back on temporarily for Thanksgiving, and now wait for a temp and a big bill. No fun, and yours sounds worse. BTW, what is three D imaging and how does it bring a financial advantage? Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. mikesmoore Post author

      I had a crown pop last summer and the dentist in Pueblo, after some grindery, reattached in a semi-permanent fashion…I could give you a referral if you want [only half kidding; this was a REALLY good practice]. Meanwhile on the local front the 3D pans may allow a more nuanced evaluation of my problems, perhaps to the point where I can extract nothing and only have one implant. Wednesday will tell the tale, and the Plan…oh and the 3D panorama somehow allows a manipulative view in the computer so I can watch the perio rotate it around, slice and dice it laterally, and really decide how to proceed. The marvels of mod med.


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