Monthly Archives: September 2017

The weather swerved colder,

cold enough so mosquitoes no longer threatened us up the creek, gratefully…

Autumnal skies = a different light.

When we made it back to the ‘burg to further shore up the Habib’s vulnerable South Gutter the Rebel Flag was gone; I stole a moment’s contemplation of a 1982 painting [“Carrara”] before we returned to bright rooms and peaceful walks around, about and into the woods;

Saturday for the first time in decades I attended a Libre Council as major changes to the by-laws and membership were on the table.  Although it was at times a painful four [!] hours with as has been usual of late little accomplished I nonetheless came away with more affection and respect than ever for the people who struggle to keep this community together.

Sunday, crisp and bright, off to Leon’s for greens,

where the Romaine keeps bolting while up the hill Mary Ann has high-altitude Indian Corn in living color, ready to mill; signs of the season.

Our water needing filling; another sign of the season winding down.


Libre library,


…and architecture.

September, third week.