Monthly Archives: July 2017

Santy Fey


July 17 – 19, south, south to the border and Summer’s

infrastructure disruptions which began while ascending Raton Pass [not shown]

and continued miles into New Mexico…

Miles down the plains a change of drivers,

Santa Fe for lunch, afternoon art binins transacted

and a home away from…

Home away bordered the Jackalope’s Vast Array of Things

and was convenient to a strangely unpopulated Tortilla Flats for breakfast .

Following the rescue of Linda’s historic drawings from a dubious-at-best Santa Fe gallery

we found lunch  in Albuquerque before foraying further

into the Southwest Valley to Mitch Berg’s ambitious future studios project

and his son Marshall’s impressive Truck, destined to deliver and demonstrate chile roasting

around the state [anything past the vertical on that speedometer would be most improbable].

In the heat we returned northeast, haircuts enroute, for barbecued lamb and pasta pomdori,

some NE Albuquerque side views

and come morning some NE Albuquerque civic street art;

North again

into infrastructure disruptions redux which despite the single lane remained mostly

unobstructed until a dozen or so miles before Trinidad we overtook two stoners in a nondescript Honda who led us in to a decidedly nondescript lunch at an excruciating twenty miles an hour below the [construction!] speed limit.   Welcome to Colorful Colorado,

Land of the Free, Home of the Doped.  But home we got,

reaching the LoPine Thursday morning…Lefty ‘n’ all.


mas anon.