Monthly Archives: June 2017

last tweak,

and just when the cootbabies were coming out…

One last tweak in the last week at Wall was the depletion of watercolor paper, duly ordered. Otherwise the beat went on, the heat went on, the hoods stayed up [woodrats] and the

digits tripled regularly.

Thursday saw a run in to the P.O. for Linda’s last box of laser-cut plywood with a detour to

Indian Head, catching the County hard at work on the way back in anticipation of another

Wall Canyon Washout,

while that night thanks to the timely Arrival of the Ply we

were able to celebrate the completion of the Final Four.

Friday our good friends Shawn and Katie came up to visit, collect the models and, mutually agreeing the chairs by the playa would be too life-threateningly dog-melting,

joined us at the chairs in the sculpture park, which melted dogs quite handily

before dinner on the east porch.

Saturday, following my last run to our personal dump,

we all walked over to the Parker with its pools and [not shown] pelican before lunch,

after which our friends returned to California, the models safe in the back seat of Shawn’s

mom’s vintage Prius.  We surveyed the studios, initiated some packing and


enjoyed a last lunch among the dragonflies, loaded out in killer heat

and dined on the porch in evening’s doldrums, which never did let up.

Inside in still air it was still eighty at six a.m. Monday

so as the sun came up we had a last look around,

loaded the food and left.

Stopped off at the Post Office to say goodbye but still no watercolor blocks [shipping delayed for days, subsequently sent via Fedex Fuctpost]. No need now; thanks fer nothin’, Dick.

Saw strange doings at Bruno’s Motel as we transited Gerlach to the RR

crossing and so on outa town, end of all that.