Monthly Archives: May 2017

So then…

Not quite a week away…reading about Richard Diebenkorn, wondering how differently I might have fared growing up middle class in the thirties and the forties, obsessed with making art.  But boy did he get going after the War; unbelievable numbers of drawings, trying and trying

things out, as opposed to, say, growing up middle class in the fifties with Beatniks and AE practitioners in Life and Time and then the turmoil of the sixties, which I’ve been amply sampling in retrospect, first thinking back on the Summer of Meth as aforementioned…but later for the rest.

Meanwhile, outside, other days, present days and

Thursday L., after numerous subsequent adventures, finally reached Wall.

We immediately instituted our traditions of the Morning Walk,

lunch at the lunchpond,

and evenings on the East Porch

as well as our annual visit to the neighbors’ Memorial Day Weekend Planet X Pottery Sale, after which Aggie found a snake.

From the Porch

a train

but no rain…still still water, however.

Summer, begun, 2017.