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A last trip to Alturas, with a roadtrip coming back…

The morning after wondering what the dogs were thinking we roll out at 5:30, walk the ponds and close the curtains but it ‘s still after seven before we’re on the road..

P1120100 P1120103 P1120104

At pavement the “check engine” light comes on for reasons undiscernible, so clear out the beginnings of a rat’s nest to no effect and drive the remaining hundred miles to Alturas Tire fretting to find that, in addition to finally coming up with the flatbed spare [which Rusty gives me after all this time], it’s just some smog control oxygen sensor in the depths of the exhaust, though what the thing does and whether it will hurt the engine remains a mystery.

P1120106 P1120108 P1120111 P1120112

Reset, the light vanishes, at least until I’ve run around town and made it back over Cedar Pass for gas, learning that the secret bug-dissolving ingredient in Rabbit Trax’ windshield-cleaning fluid is Dove Dishwashing Soap. At the Surprise! Cafe I get coffee and an absolutely perfect description of the road down the east side of Lower Lake from Adrien so head south, hazy country, first cuttings…

P1120118 P1120120

No surprises; cross the valley at Eagleville then halfway down the potholed airstrip locate a vague track stage left, follow same through boulder fields, washouts and alluvium to the sodden remains of Murphy Spring.

P1120121 P1120122 P1120123 P1120124 P1120125 P1120130 P1120136P1120133

Abandoned ranch buildings and an indifferent bull ranging about the muck are what remain;

P1120149 P1120139P1120143P1120145P1120137 P1120141 P1120142 P1120148 P1120150P1120153 P1120151 P1120154

After Murphy’s the ‘track’ becomes ‘road’, a considerable improvement, reaching 447 at the valley’s south end before noon [a movie]…

P1120156 P1120157 P1120165 P1120166 P1120167 P1120168 P1120171 P1120172

Home before one; a hundred and four in the shade of the porch…flat light up the desert from California fires [in Alturas they say the fires are in Oregon].

P1120176 P1120181 P1120185


Nice little trip, food for thought and paintings.