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Folk art on First Street

I was barely back a day but just in time Sunday for the annual car show downtown benefiting the Benicia High School Band…yet more bright and shiny things. Robert Irwin deemed hot rods ‘folk art’, and there’s surely truth in that, but the folk have, over the years, embodied many increasingly sophisticated iterations of style…

Saturday I spotted a recon vehicle down by the jetty, but Sunday morning on H Street gave no indication of what was in store out the back gate and beyond the everpresent ’45…

P1100552 P1100553 P1100554a P1100555 P1100557 P1100559

Morning’s walk turned up a beater wagon by Lucca and Dean’s ’53 offered for sale outside the Capitol…heading down First the plot, or the folk art, thickened, with some classic variations of the long and the low in evidence…

P1100562 P1100563 P1100568 P1100570 P1100570a P1100571

But nothing like the main event, from D Street on;


Resto and ratrod forties Dodge pickups…

P1100575 P1100581

Period correct historical ’36 flathead Ford coupe from V-town…


Hysterical pre-war Hudson [12″ chop!] with ghost eagle paint job…then some GM products;

P1100585 P1100586 P1100595

A really cool little ’53 Ford Customline, looking like it came from the showroom but just slightly lowered; definitely one of my favorites out there with the view…

P1100597 P1100598 P1100603

Neo-classicism, with bucks…

P1100605 P1100608 P1100612

Going for baroque;

P1100620 P1100623

…or minimalism

P1100627 P1100630

…and of course flames of various descriptions

P1100633 P1100642

… when I was in Junior High some guys down Verdugo had a bunch of ’40 Fords in black primer behind their fence, one a fastback sedan, but not as clean or low as this;


The weather conspired to be perfect; hope the Band made some Money

P1100644 P1100657 P1100674 P1100674a P1100675 P1100676 P1100688 P1100696

…lastly, a true unaltered classic; ’56 Corvette.