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Another day in the country…


…and a fortuitously cloudy one at that as Mark, Romero and Gary catch us out, showing up at 9:30 for the first time ever; three guys, two trucks and a crane, Mark handing me the 3/8″ fuel line needed to finish getting the Chevy running as Gary was rummaging around in the sockets, me saying 11/16″ was a little sloppy; “17” sez Mark, man of few words and so right to work dismantling¬† Linda’s well-traveled “Some Models for the Universe, 1991”. The Chevy soon running, I unloaded winter’s slash into the burnpile and refilled the bed piece by piece with pieces of the elaborate crate in which the Center for the Arts had sent us the glass centers…

P1090747 P1090749 P1090751



Dismantled, reassembled, loaded onto Courtney Transport’s flatbed to be moved a few dozen feet and set permanently out [standing] in their field as Lefty observed from the resuscitated Chevy as well as underfoot, the Models came back to life;

P1090753P1090760 P1090764P1090765 P1090769P1090776 P1090775 P1090780P1090778 P1090781P1090782

All was done by noon-thirty, and all were down the road before the rain came [“inch of rain; four inches of wind” as Mark observes], making for a nice sound at lunch under the porch roof’s tin and dry and bright by late afternoon light..

P1090789 P1090791 P1090792 P1090793 P1090794 P1090798 P1090799

Many more depictions of these, our new old friends, [whose travels included Chalon-sur-Saone, France; Long Island City, New York; Walsenburg, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Scottsdale, Arizona and a lengthy stay in Mt. Vernon, Illinois at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts before landing in Gerlach last November to winter at Wall Spring] will doubtless appear in subsequent posts…


Maybe; it could take awhile for any subsequent posts.


A hey,