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Wall to Wall [with Winnemucca in the middle]

The second-to-last Friday in February we arrived at Wall Spring to wander around the ponds and be amazed and amused by the next-to-near finishing touches on The Repository…

P1080977 P1090009 P1090010P1080979

Studio preparations were managed and winds turning to dust [clearing off daily by sunset, more or less] noted…

P1090011 P1090030 P1090048 P1090051 P1090052

Bright mornings, punctuated by chill breezes from across the desert;

P1090060 P1090063

Saturday Willey shows up for the final grading and agrees to take a few tires in partial trade [not shown]

P1090064 P1090065

Sunday winds turning to dust clearing off & etc. yet again…

P1090067 P1090068

…which reach temporary impenetrability at midday;


Local sights: the shed; the Aljo; the Mysterious Work of Bugs; the Wall Spring Tree; evening’s dust redux…

P1090073 P1090075 P1090083 P1090083a P1090084 P1090087

Monday went, as aforementioned [see “Winneday”], to Winnemucca on a driveabout and back in time to pole-plant a couple of strategic globe willows [also not shown]…


Next day, Tuesday, the crew arrives, finishing up some touches and partially tearing the roof off the studio…we contemplate more possible details and remove much of the roof from the shed ourself…

P1090194 P1090195 P1090196 P1090198

…another yet another day…

P1090199 P1090222

In the end, though the new studio roofing is installed, everybody disappears after noon Thursday as certain essential trim pieces are lacking to finish it off and that day, which began sparkly and bright, ends looking a lot like February, monochrome and cold…

P1090233 P1090236 P1090237 P1090237a P1090238 P1090244 P1090246

Friday morning, well flowing copiously; storm on the way…time to go.



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