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back down from da desert….

So Monday [15 September] was smoke, Tuesday was smoke; smoke most of the week; it cleared up a little, but then ashes fell inside…California burning, climate change, whatever.

Burners of another ilk rule Gerlach, obnoxiously would be the kindest way to put it, but I don’t go there; after a week of work and simple [can’t see across the desert so of course they’re simple!] watercolors it’s back down da desert to clear skies at Hallelujah Junction as long as one looks north…and, once west of the fires, in the Valley as well.

P1000005 P1000010 P1000014 P1000027 P1000029 P1000033 P1000040 P1000070 P1000071 P1000074 P1000077 P1000091

24 September, smoky sunrise…and so to Cali & etc…

P1000095 P1000096 P1000097 P1000101 P1000104 P1000107 P1000108 P1000109

Back in Beni by one, unloading, making lunch and failing to take my camera to Pedro’s, so y’all will be spared the ’45 nosed up to a ver’ cool ’49 Chev coupe…lowered just right, Ansen vintage mages, matte white, dual pipes…and then, next morning, after rain soaked Wednesday’s laundry, actual blue skies peeking through clean air; clouds from offshore;

P1000114A week from now we expect to be on a Turkish airplane winging east to lands hopefully not too entirely ruined by the “Bushwhack and Oh, bomb ’em”  policies of Our Sweet Demockery…


More on that after …