Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 28

My May California visitation was taken up with contemplating the winter’s crop of large paintings and forays to Brian’s Salvage in American Canyon, where I found plenty of rust [and a bed for the ’45 Chev] there in the salt air…

P1010865 P1010872 P1010878 P1010910

Matt Seret’s buried in Model A’s right now, but figured he could work in my ’45 when we’re back in in the fall, and Jeff at ABC muffler always seems to have a wild variety of things up on the racks out East Second;

P1010920 P1000021 P1000025

Not to be all about gears ‘n’ grease, we took to the ferry for a last look at SF and lunch with Bryan, briefly in town after the Sinai [not shown]

P1000051 P1000061 P1000070 P1000073

Finishing up with Memorial Day Weekend barbecues behind the Olde State Capitol and a surprise visit from our friend William with his oh so ‘riginal ’61 Healy…

P1000081 P1000085 P1000086 P1000087

Before a last little cruise to the jetty before mothballing the ’45….

P1000088 P1000089

..waiting on L’s last puzzle-piece to come together;


So, next stop Sand Pass…or Hallelujah Junction…somewhere out there, anywhere…but soon.