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Out in California

Well not down [nor Out] in California

we watched “The Vietnam War” by night to uneasy dreams and

despite the Uncertainty of Truck Repair by day

eventually determined, after a trip to the Industrial Zone, time in the next couple of weeks

will tell as [above, not the Truck in Question] sunny chilly alternated with damp but warmer

days approaching November’s midpoint.

Our great friend Rick had come for dinner the evening I returned and was back Tuesday with his lovely in-laws for studio visits, which made for a fine midday respite despite the unfortunate choice of First Street Cafe for lunch, where three out of four made the mistake of ordering the special shrimp “fajita”s, which arrived sans tortillas and blander than white people’s fajitas from Utah.  For salsa we were presented with a virgin bottle of Tabasco, the only discernible flavor.

..but enough of these disparagingly dispiriting Benicia restaurant reviews.

Again, it rained;

all night, most of a day

and then again, chill sun.

Sun out, chill air, again again.

and some of the clearest air I’ve e’er seen…

November, remember?