I was born in 1942 and have been painting pretty much the same landscape since about 1965. There have been deviations, but not many. This can be seen, more or less chronologically, in "paintings". From even earlier I drew constantly, mostly in pen and ink; a sampling of these will be found in "drawings". An oblique documentation of my life and travels can be found written down elsewhere, maybe; try "info" for that; for a more abbreviated version "bio" has a condensed CV. There are also some photos from the life, or at least scenes along the road; eventually I may fill in the space between 1982 [as far as I've currently ventured into my life in the bush of old transparencies] and 2009, when I finally got a digital camera. For the infinitely foreseeable moment all these sections are in the process of alteration and expansion, but what there is is here now.

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