I drew from a very early age, very soon gravitating to pen and ink, imagining or recalling the California landscape I was born to. Humans have generally been of less interest to me. I also draw in books, formerly fairly regularly though now less so. The imaginary buildings from the 1990's are the most like the book drawings, though the books contain or can contain pretty much anything with the exception of drawings mapped from slides; I rarely draw from "life", but a couple of early examples [1960's] are, er, attempts. Go figure.

As far as the current selection goes, hundreds more individual drawings and works on paper, generally textless, exist, and I hope to add more to the site as time goes by. Meanwhile a preponderance of the work herein does have words, mainly because almost all the narrative pieces were documented and readily available. Included are also a number of strictly depictive images drawn from my slides of trips around the desert, usually as a record of specific journeys although occasionally to illustrate accounts thereof, some of which appeared in obscure publications. As can be seen, I do range widely at times.